Introduction of AACC SRD


In August 2016 a consensus was achieved among members of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC) to establish a Secretariat for Research and Development (SRD) in Seoul. The AACC SRD officially commenced its preparatory work in January 2017 and moved into its permanent office at Seoul Global Center in May 2017.


AACC SRD will play a vital role in the achievement of the AACC’s objectives. According to Article 3 of the AACC Statute, these are the protection of human rights, the guarantee of democracy, the implementation of the rule of law, the independence of constitutional courts and equivalent institutions and the cooperation and exchanges of experiences and information among AACC members. AACC SRD will assist in the realization of these goals by providing a permanent platform for knowledge sharing and exchange, serving as an engine for the AACC to become one of the leading organizations within the discourse on democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the Asian region.

AACC SRD will act as a dynamic channel of communication of AACC member institutions in the global conversation on constitutional government, as well as fostering collaborative projects with specialists of constitutional law across the world. By facilitating research, AACC SRD can contribute to the ever-growing quality of the international dialogue on constitutional law. This will also strengthen the potential of AACC member courts as prominent institutions of constitutional law.

The success of the AACC SRD rests on the active cooperation of AACC member courts, and AACC SRD looks forward to the inspiring and vibrant exchange of knowledge, and the steady strengthening of its research capacity within the AACC framework. By establishing permanent secretariats, including a secretariat dedicated to research, the AACC is taking a historic step in furthering the values of human rights, democracy and rule of law not only in Asia, but also in the world.

Functions (AACC Board Decision, 2016. 8. 12.)
  • Planning, conducting and coordinating joint research activities among members and with thrid parties;
  • Conducting studies and formulation of proposals for research activities in the sphere of constitutional justice;
  • Publishing an international journal on the outcome of the research activities conducted;
  • Constructing and managing a database of profiles and key decisions of Members;
  • Conducting research and development activities for the promotion of constitutionalism; and
  • Organizing international confernces, seminars and forum at Justice/Judge level and researcher level on research themes chosen.

Introduction of AACC


The Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC), was established in July 2010 to promote the development of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in the Asian region. It functions as a regional forum of constitutional adjudicatory bodies, aiming to increase exchanges of information and experiences related to constitutional justice.

AACC Secretariat